Discover + Learn at Green Festival Expo NY

June 16, 2017

Those of who doesn’t know about Green Festival, they are America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. At the event you get to Discover, Learn, Explore, Try and you also get to do some shopping as well. That’s sounds great isn’t it?

This year was the first time New Yorkers had an opportunity to utilize the environmental activism platform at the event to mobilize hundreds of green businesses, sustainable living brands and thousands of attendees and potential supporters.

Since I had problem with my health few years back, I became cautious about what I eat. So going to green festival every year is like going to weekend summer camp. To Discover and Learn.

This year gomacro was one of the sponsor and welcome us at the entrance booth.
To be honest, I’ve known about them for a while but I never bought their bar.

Oh boy gomacro bar is so so good!
Everything is Organic, Gluten Free, No salt, no refined sugar, no weird ingredients. Why have I waited so long to try this.
My favorite at the moment is Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate.
Btw, Gomacro is currently offering 30% off with the code online so check out their website!

In these few year, Organic and Gluten Free are in trend. Many people became cautious about what they eat and trying to stay healthy.
So when you go to grocery store or just surf on instagram, you see so many that you get lost.

This one is another brand that I’ve seen them but never tried before.

Fire Cider.

At the booth we get to try three different kinds and I chose to buy the Fire Cider African Bronze. It the mix of organic raw apple cider vinegar, roots, veggies, fruits, and spices, and sweeten with honey gathered from deep within remote, pristine forests at the headwaters of the Zambezi River in Zambia. It’s raw, unpasteurized, and gravity filtered, as well as pesticide- and GMO-free and Organic!

No need to worry about anything! It safe to tastes every bit of the flavor.

You can drink them straight up or this will be very good for making dressing. That’s what I’m going to do.

When you try couple food, you crave for refreshment. Here we are at the HEALTH-ADE KOMBUCHA booth tasting out our fav flavor to new, Pomegrante. It’s so good. This pomegrante flavor could be my go to for this summer.

Ladies at the booth told us that if we post picture on instagram, we might have a chance to win a case of Kombucha. No thinking, snap! snap! wrote some comment, uploaded to our instagram account @maybedailycom. Done and done!
I have to say event was packed with people so I wasn’t sure if we really win but stayed and checked out few booth.

We were strolling down the aisle for an hour or so and we were getting bit hungry.
Here in front of us was a brand called Jonathan’s Sprouts.

They were selling this amazing dressing but it’s kind of difficult to purchase before you taste right?
Luckly we get to try with their amazing range of sprouts salad with their superfood oil(aka dressing).
Why they have sprouts? Jonathan’s Sprouts has been a family-run business since 1976, operating from a historic New England barn renovated for food production in scenic Southeastern MA. Yes, they grow and sell sprouts and they make other product like dressing and also skin care product etc.

Nonetheless to say, their sprouts was mind blowing good! and with that dressing, amen!

According to the website you can purchase them at Whole Foods Market, plus they told me that I could also find at Fairway as well. That’s a plus and plus for me!

Anyhow, while we were exploring the event, we got an DM on instagram from HEALTH-ADE saying that we are chosen for the giveawaaaaaaay!

OMG! A case of Kombucha was pretty heavy! But we shouldn’t complain. We love Kombucha and we love free stuff. LoL @tomboy_mai and I sprit the case and went home happily ever after.

Green Festival Expo

【 サステイナビリティー、ウェルネス、ヘルシーライフを考えるイベント、グリーンフェスティバル・エキスポ 】

ここ3年くらい続けて参加している GREEN FESTIVAL EXPO(グリーン・フェスティバル・エキスポ)へ今年も行ってきました。



ちなみにWHOLE FOODSで売ってるけど、最近じゃTRADER JOE’Sでも買えるようになったみたいなので、そっちの方が買うなら安いかも^^

「Fire Cider」

そのあと色々とブースを見て回って出会ったのは、ヴィネガー(お酢)のブランドの「Fire Cider」。

その後ハニーがはいったマイルド目のやつとか飲んでみたら、やっぱり Fire Cider African Bronze(ファイヤー サイダー アフリカン ブロンズ)ってのが一番人気っぽくて私もその場で購入。

お店で買うには、チェーンストアの「GNC」で最近取り扱いが始まったそうで、あと Organic Avenue でも店舗によっては取り扱いあるみたいなのでウェブサイトで取り扱い店をチェックすると良いよ。

シュワシュワっとして読みやすく、体にも良いこの飲み物は今ではWHOLE FOODS, FAIRWAYなどヘルスコンシャスなスーパーならば必ず売ってます。デリでも売ってるところもあるよ。

イベントで写真をインスタグラムにシェアしたら1ダースプレゼントっていうキャンペーンやっていたので、早速参加。そして選んでいただきました〜!一緒にいったマイちゃんと6本づつ分けたんだけど、しかし重かったよ。だって1本473mlもあってしかも瓶!! 日差しの強い中ガッツで持って帰りましたw

「Jonathan’s Sprouts」
どこで買えるか聞いてみたら、FAIRWAY(フェアウェイ)って教えてくれました。ウェブサイトによるとWHOLE FOODS MARKET(ホールフーズ)とも書いてあるけど。


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